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After a terrible experience house hunting with a previous realtor, I found Amy and she was my saving grace!

! She was so dedicated to helping me find THE perfect home for my family, and answered every email, call, or question I had. She was supportive and comforting when things were stressful, and she also had my best interest in mind throughout the entire process. I never could have found the house I did, and executed such a great buy without her! 100 of 10 DEFINITELY recommend using Amy for all realty needs.

Hailey DeFrange

I have known Amy Gibbs in a variety of capacities sxince 2012.

I worked closely with her as her banker for both her business and personal affairs for three years. After I left banking to finish my degree, I worked for Amy as her employee. Amy has always been extremely detail oriented and efficient. She has high standards for those around her and inspires them to do their best. In working for Amy I learned that she was someone I could rely on and trust. There have been many times when she has been the one I contact when I need someone dependable. She is someone that will always do the best thing for those who are around her and is ready to help in times of need. Time and time again she has proven herself as an excellent leader and friend. She is someone I look up to and am grateful to have in my life. I strongly recommend Amy to you as I expect her to be a great asset to the real estate market in Texas.

Amanda Blaylock

I've known Amy for 4 years and she is a person I trust whole-heartedly!

I first met her in a business capacity but over time, we grew to be great friends. I’d trust her with my family, personal & business finances and anything else as high as those items are on the list of importance. She will be an absolute star in Real Estate and the Texas Association of Realtors would be better for her role in that organization as would any of her future clients.

Johnnie Mallot

I first met Amy Gibbs in January of 2001 at Prairie View Church in Parker, Co.

We attended the same church and weekly small group for several years. I have always known Amy to be fair, honest, caring and not afraid to speak her mind. That's a good thing because Amy has great ideas. She's an entrepreneur and knows what she wants and how to get there. I've watched Amy care for her children to include home-schooling them at times. She is truly one of those that can handle it all. She's well-grounded and has a kind heart and a great head on her shoulders. I would recommend her as a real estate agent and I know she will represent the profession and her clients with excellence.

Peggy Zeman

Amy listed our investment property after a complete rehab project was completed.

She was very knowledgeable in the market regarding pricing and the value of certain upgrades and prioritizing the budget overall. We listed at top dollar in the market and got full asking price in 9 days with a cash offer. The transaction could not have gone any smoother.


In February 2018, I purchased Amy's business and in doing so I spent several months before and after getting to know her and working side by side with her during the closing of the sale, subsequent training, and ongoing support from her after the fact.

In spending so much time with someone professionally it was impossible not to get to know Amy very well personally also. I can attest that Amy is a person of the highest character and the deepest integrity. I have learned through running her former business that EVERYONE that came into contact with her loved her, misses her, and that I have a very tough act to follow in stepping into her shoes. Buying the business from Amy required that I get a small business loan and use my house as collateral, so in a very real sense I have literally bet my life savings and my house and my livelihood on Amy’s word and her character and her integrity and I can say with absolute certainty that it is among the surest bets I ever made. Everything has been exactly as she promised, she is an excellent judge of character, and is someone who simply goes about life the right way and does the right thing even when no one is looking. I am a better business owner and a better person for having met Amy. I cannot recommend her enough.

Erskine Harris, Jr.

From the moment I spoke to Amy Gibbs on the phone, I knew she was the agent I wanted to represent me.

She spent many long hours looking for the perfect home for me. We spoke on the phone and met in person many times and she understood exactly what I was looking for. We put in an offer for the one we had chosen and the seller accepted it. Amy Gibbs was a gift from Heaven and because of her many efforts, I am a happy homeowner now! Many thanks!!!!!!!!!!

Ricky Riggs

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